It’s not the avocado, but it’s still a popular trend in our world and it’s called Cyber Security. While important to uphold cyber security best practices in many industries, here’s why it’s especially important for your power monitoring system.

  1. A cyber attack will cost you. If you are a retail store or manufacturer, the loss is typically financial. No power means no productivity. If your customers can’t see what you are selling, they won’t buy it. Even more severe, is the impact a cyber attacker could have on a hospital building, for example. Without the ability to power certain life saving machinery, even human life could be at risk.
  2. Hackers can gain access to secret information. By reading private energy data, hackers can identify what the system is cooling or producing. In instances of a military installation, this unlocking of intelligence could be detrimental to the operation.
  3. Hackers can change the configuration of your meter, making it look like power is out when it is actually flowing. This is both dangerous for utility line restoration employees and makes future restoration attempts very difficult.

Not sure if your power monitoring system is setup to protect against malicious cyber attacks? Look to Electro Industries for ways to prevent cyber attacks on your meters and learn more about which of our power meters come with built in cyber security features.