High Performance Power Quality Monitors

High Performance Power Quality Monitors Protect your equipment and processes from voltage fluctuations and transient over-voltage situations. Electroind offers high performance power meters and power quality monitors that provide real-time system values with high accuracy. Save money with reliable, easy-to-install power metering and power quality analysis solutions. Our power quality monitors offer exceptional performance and flexibility for all types of energy metering applications.
High Performance Power Quality Monitors

Nexus® 1500+ Power Quality Meter with
Phasor Measurement Unit

The Nexus® 1500+ power quality meter provides invaluable power quality analysis using the latest PQ standards to record electrical disturbances, improving power system reliability and reducing downtime costs. It is also a precision revenue meter that collects energy usage with high accuracy. It is a cyber secured power quality meter, featuring multiport communication and is easy to install into existing infrastructure.

High Performance Power Quality Monitors

Nexus® 1450 Cyber Secure Power Quality Meter with
Multiport Communication

Electro Industries’ Nexus® 1450 meter is a powerful power quality meter that provides accurate electrical energy measurements. It offers advanced capabilities for power quality analysis and determining electrical power reliability. The meter is a transducer base with a separate display. The transducer base retrofits to existing Electro Industries’ Nexus® 1250 and 1252 meters. The Nexus® 1450 meter is ideal for existing switchboard panels since it can be installed without cutting panel doors. The separate display mounts into existing analog meter knockouts.

High Performance Power Quality Monitors

Nexus® 1500+ Meter in Enclosure

EIG’s Nexus® 1500+ meter in enclosure lets you expand your switchgear capability without an expensive and time-consuming redesign. Mount and wire the meter enclosure next to your switchgear and you are ready to go, with no downtime at all! This is a perfect solution for a retrofit when there is no metering compartment available.

High Performance Power Quality Monitors

Nexus® 1252 Energy and Power Quality Meter

The Nexus® 1252 power meter is one of the industry standards for high performance power metering. Utilizing auto-calibrating metrology, the Nexus® 1252 power meter is a highly stable and accurate power energy meter. This meter excels in communication, providing up to 4 RS485 communication ports and a 12 socket Ethernet port with simultaneous Modbus and DNP 3.0 Ethernet.

High Performance Power Quality Monitors

Nexus® 1252 Substation 19″ Rack Mount Assembly

Electro Industries/GaugeTech rack assembly offers the Nexus® 1252 advanced performance power meter and power quality recorder together with three LED displays in one mountable unit. The rack assembly accommodates the Nexus® 1252 power meter, any optional I/O modules, a Test switch and three LED displays.