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Power metering and power monitoring systems are becoming increasingly important as companies and individuals alike seek to optimize their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint. At Electro Industries/GaugeTech, we understand the importance of efficient energy management and have designed our products and software with this in mind.

Our power metering products offer high accuracy and reliable measurements of voltage, current, and power, allowing you to monitor and control your energy usage with precision. Our range of energy monitoring solutions includes the Nexus® 1500+ Power Quality Meter with Phasor Measurement Unit, which provides comprehensive real-time power quality data to ensure the efficient operation of your electrical system.

In addition to our range of hardware solutions, we also offer software to assist in energy management. Our CommunicatorPQA® Power Monitoring Software and MeterManagerPQA® Meter Data Management Software provide advanced analysis and reporting of energy usage data to help identify areas for improvement and potential cost savings. We also offer our AI-driven Energy Management System, which utilizes machine learning to optimize energy consumption based on usage patterns.

With Electro Industries/GaugeTech, you are investing in high-quality power metering and power monitoring solutions designed to meet your energy management needs. Our products and software will provide you with the information and tools necessary to optimize your energy usage, reduce your carbon footprint, and save you money.


What is a power monitor and metering system?

A power monitoring and metering system is designed to help you manage your energy usage, monitor power quality, and track utility costs. With this system, you can easily measure the amount of electricity used in real-time, set alarms to notify you when energy consumption exceeds a predetermined limit, and access reports that detail how your electricity is being used. Electro Industries offers a wide range of power metering products and software, such as the Nexus 1500+ Power Quality Meter and Shark® 270 Energy Meter, to help businesses and industries reduce their energy consumption and save money.

Why is power monitoring important?

Power monitoring is important in achieving energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and improving equipment longevity. Electro Industries’ power metering products provide accurate and real-time information about the power usage and quality, enabling businesses to make informed decisions. This includes detecting power issues and determining if the equipment is using energy efficiently or not. Proper power monitoring can save money by optimizing the use of energy. Ultimately, power monitoring plays an essential role in enhancing business sustainability and environmental responsibility. Electro Industries is a trusted supplier of quality power metering products.

What is the use of power metering system?

Power metering systems are designed to help manage and monitor energy usage, ensuring that electricity is being used efficiently. Electro Industries offers a wide range of power metering products that can accurately measure energy usage and provide real-time data, making it easier to identify areas of waste and take corrective action. From basic single-function meters to more advanced systems with phasor measurement units, Electro Industries has the tools needed to optimize power usage and improve energy efficiency. By using power metering and monitoring, businesses and individuals can reduce energy costs and reduce their environmental impact.

What are the benefits of power metering software?

Power metering software provides numerous benefits for both commercial and industrial organizations. By analyzing power usage and identifying inefficiencies, power metering software can help reduce energy costs, increase energy efficiency, and optimize system performance. Electro Industries/GaugeTech offers a range of power metering products and software to monitor and manage energy usage, from their Shark® meters for real-time monitoring to CommunicatorPQA® software for data management. Investing in power metering and monitoring software is a smart move for any organization looking to save on energy costs and increase their bottom line.

What is the difference between energy monitoring and power metering?

Power metering and power monitoring are two essential aspects of energy management and power quality monitoring. While power metering mainly focuses on measuring and analyzing electrical energy consumption and identifying potential energy wastage areas, power monitoring involves monitoring and analyzing the quality of electrical power to ensure efficient and reliable performance. Power metering solutions often involve hardware such as meters and current transformers, while power monitoring relies more on software and communication protocols to analyze and display data in real-time. In short, power metering measures the quantity of energy used, while power monitoring ensures the quality of the energy being used.